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TRC signs up to Regional Coalition for an Effective SADC Tribunal and Reinstatement of the SADC Tribunal On the eve of the 35th SADC Heads of State Summit the Coalition for an effective SADC Tribunal calls on heads of state to uphold the rule of law and human rights in the region by reinstating the SADC Tribunal. The Tribunal was abolished in August 2014, by a new Protocol, which among others removes access to the Tribunal by individuals and legal persons, and removes its human rights mandate. To date the new Protocol has been signed by nine member states, and will enter into force thirty days after ten countries have ratified it.

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We Need Your Help

TRC and Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) have established a fund to assist families of soldiers detained on suspicion of a mutiny plot. These funds will help to cover the legal, socio-psychological counseling and other expenses.For contributions please use the following accounts:Mpesa- Merchant payment: Merchant mobile number 50985069: Transformation Resource Center: Eco Cash/ Spache fono- Merchant code 08504 Transformation Resource Center: Standard Lesotho Bank- A/C: 0140097715207 Branch: City Branch. Account name; Justice and Peace.

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Lesotho civil society to SR Prisons Conditions of Detention...

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Open Letter to the heads of state and government of the SADC on Lesotho's political-security crisis...

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TRC public gathering in Tšalamoleka community council

The Maisa- Phoka community has shown the need to define boundaries of preserved grazing land allocation in a public gathering held by TRC on the 17th August in this community council amongst a number of raised concerns that affect the whole community.

The natives of this area further highlighted that they want the community council to account for its mandate, particularly on issues such as reporting, the provision of services to the community which eventually hinder developmental activities. They further noted that, the council should account for funds and that they too as the community should be engaged in planning and get involved in decision making processes which concern them as electorates.

Furthermore, grievances were that the people ought to have equal access to natural resources which will facilitate the construction of feeder roads at Ha Moja-Pele and other locations within the area respectively.

Moreover, as measures of crime prevention the community sighted the need for activities geared specifically to their local youth as a strategy to mitigate crime in their areas and thus making the youth focus on unnecessary activities which may lead them to delinquency.

Additionally, the people emphasized the need to plant trees around the area so that they easily get wood and a site for woolshed was of the utmost significance.

In conclusion the community council will seat formally to discuss these concerns. TRC holds these public gatherings to report back to the communities what is being done to address their pertinent issues and also to here out grievances brought forward by such communities and report back after council meetings have taken place.


Budget Tracking Workshop

Transformation Resource Centre (TRC) held a training workshop on Budget Tracking FROM 20TH T0 22ND July in Peka at the Manka Community Council in the Leribe district. The workshop targets community councillors and political party leaders... legally registered with Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). The aim is to help leaders practice good governance through good financial management systems and financial control. The selection criterion was based upon strengthening local leadership and elected leaders. In addition, the objective of the workshop is to stimulate participation of stakeholders in examining the health of the national and donor funded project budgets. It will capacitate stakeholders to analyze the budget and determine whether it satisfies the stated policy objectives. It will also enable stakeholders to decide whether resources are being utilized and spent effectively and efficiently by providing adequate services demanded by the public at large. Budget policies should also be equitable in order to meet the needs of the people from different settings. Moreover, the training will also aim to empower stakeholders with budget analysis and tracking skills in order to promote transparency and accountability by the government as well as the governing bodies at local level. Stakeholders can oversee and monitor expenditures and use ground level findings to call for changes in the budget allocations and planning priorities. Lastly, the workshop enhanced knowledge skills of local leaders regarding public budget elements in order to promote inclusive budgetary processes and developments. It further ensured that leaders use public funds effectively for the benefit of the public without pursuing personal gains. The leaders must demonstrate responsibility by making sound quality decisions that are transparent and accountable. Leaders should also be mindful of the varying public needs to be met and satisfied effectively. structured programmes, TRC works for and with communities to influence government policy decisions through a number of activities that:

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